Jump for joy this June thanks to GameStore Junior - Pebble Gear UK

Jump for joy this June thanks to GameStore Junior

Jump for joy this June thanks to GameStore Junior

Whether you’re jetting off overseas or gearing up for glamping, get ready for your Summer travel plans to be accompanied by the very best games and apps as we introduce our top picks for learning and play.

Subway Surfers: Tokyo

Bright, bold and brilliant, Tokyo is one of the most famous cities in the World and you can now explore the capital of Japan through your tablet. Navigate the subway system between bustling buildings and carefully pass by low hanging lanterns to collect coins and boost your achievements. More coins mean new character skins, upgraded skateboards and brand-new levels to beat.


Crossy Roads: Dinosaurs

Why did the dinosaur cross the road? To play the most iconic arcade hopper game, of course! Endlessly hop to cross car-rammed roads, tricky train tracks and raging rivers in this prehistoric update of classic Crossy Roads. Including 13 new fantastic figurines, special edition Flat Eric figurine and an elusive character called Bones who has taken the gaming community by storm. Will you manage to unlock the curious new character?



Hex is a thinking game where you create looping patterns by rotating all the shapes and lines on your screen. You can solve a wide collection of meticulously designed, colourful and relaxing puzzles on a hexagonal board. There isn't a timer or any other kind of pressure. Hex just lets you bring the pieces together on your own pace. The game even lets you snap a quick photo of the result when you've assembled all the pieces. This clean and simple puzzle experience allows you to build loops in a new way, and helps you improve your focus and attention levels.


Skater Kid

Stunt, flip and fly through the sky to become an epic skater! With 100 levels of skateboard fun, you can choose your skater and customize their look to reflect your personal style. Grab your board, avoid obstacles, perform epic air tricks, and learn some seriously slick skating moves. From skyline stunts to flip tricks, you can explore extreme locations while collecting stars to become the hottest skater on the streets.

Brick Breaker: Star Space King

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to break the bricks and escape the maze as you stargaze. How you got what it takes to take on Space? With 100’s of levels to play, Brick Breaker is an arcade style game with one simple task: to break bricks. Simple, fun and family friendly, this game is perfect for everybody to enjoy.


Jetpack Joyride

Join Barry, a struggling gramophone salesman, as he breaks into a top-secret science lab and snags experimental jetpacks. Strap on a bullet-powered jetpack to dodge lasers, electric fields and all the missiles that may come your way. Get a boost along the way with vehicles like the Lil’ Stomper, Profit Bird and Crazy Freaking Teleporter. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find the Strong Arm Machine (SAM) – the ultimate vehicle of destruction and hi-fives.