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What is blue light and why should you care?

What is blue light and why should you care?

Since the increased use of electronic devices in daily life, blue light has hit the headlines. But, what exactly is it? To fully understand the effects of blue light, we need to speak science for a second!

All light is made of waves and sits on a colour spectrum. The beginning of the spectrum is made up of red light, which is easier on the eye. At the end of the spectrum is blue light. This light becomes more tiring for our eyes to process as it penetrates the back of the eye. If you ever feel tired after a full day of using a computer, you can probably blame the blue light emitted from LED screens. 

So, what does this mean for our eye health? The amount of energy produced by blue light can create flickers and a glare that affects how we see things. It is believed that the flicker and glare may be the cause of eyestrain, headaches and mental fatigue that frequent users of devices report. It’s important to note that children’s corneas do not fully develop until they are 14 years old, so they have much less protection than adult eyes.

Even adult eyes’ natural filters do not provide sufficient protection against blue light rays and long exposure to blue light may cause retinal damage. Have you ever noticed how sleeping in a room with too much light can disrupt your sleep? This is because light helps us regulate our sleep patterns and too much of it can cause our body to feel wide awake!

With all of this in mind, it makes you question whether the pros of purchasing a tablet outweigh the cons. But, our tablet features advanced anti-blue light control to help block much of the harmful blue light emission produced by LED screens. The coating on our screen provides a higher contrast to reduce the amount of effort required from children’s eyes and create a better viewing experience.