Developing Healthy Learning Habits - Pebble Gear UK

Developing Healthy Learning Habits

Every day is a chance to learn, but, sometimes children need a little encouragement! As curriculums change and children grow, more responsibility is placed on little ones to take control of their learning...

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Screen time tips for kids - Pebble Gear UK

Screen time tips for kids

We’re huge advocates of the benefits of technology but, we would always encourage children to become involved in activities that don’t always involve screens. Climb a tree, camp out, look at the stars! Also, next time your children demand their device, ask them “why?”.

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What is blue light and why should you care? - Pebble Gear UK

What is blue light and why should you care?

Since the increased use of electronic devices in daily life, blue light has hit the headlines. But, what exactly is it? To fully understand the effects of blue light, we need to speak science for a second!

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Tablets, a help or a hindrance? - Pebble Gear UK

Tablets, a help or a hindrance?

Many of us worry about the effect that devices such as tablets and mobile phones can have on our children, however, it’s important to consider what positive influence technology can have too. A child’s development can have an enormous impact on them in later life and...

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