April Game Releases on Game Store Junior - Pebble Gear UK

April Game Releases on Game Store Junior

April Game Releases on Game Store Junior

With lots of new apps and games being added to your Pebble Gear tablet each month, it can be hard to know what to play next. From a brand-new edition of Subway Surfers to trending puzzle games, here are our top picks available on GameStore Junior this April.


Subway Surfers: Monaco

Subway Surfers is the sixty-fourth edition in the World Tour series and the sixty-ninth version in Subway Surfers. This exciting edition introduces players to a new character named Philip, brand new racing outfits AND a unique board called the Speeder. In keeping with the season, weekly hunt tokens are cute and colourful Easter Eggs. 



Harmony Relaxing Music Puzzles

Harmony Relaxing Music Puzzles is a must-have music app for families. Easy to play, you simply tap squares to create beautiful melodies for the ears and symmetries for the eyes. There are several instruments to choose from, and reminiscent of guitar hero, you must reflect the music notes by tapping the free squares. Perfect for stressed parents and mini music maestros alike!



Beautiful graphics, challenging missions and an incredible BMX experience! Level up by tackling formidable obstacles to master your bicycle tricks and become a BMX pro. Perform new tricks, complete challenges and create high scores whilst exploring hills, mountains and beautiful backdrops.


Ninja Dash Run

Ninja Dash is an action game combining role-playing and characters. The game brings you on the journey to destroy the evil army of ninjas to avenge Sensei and restore the Master Sushi that was stolen. Your enemies are crowded. But with your super ninja skills, you can easily defeat them. However, do not be subjective, the enemy is not only strong, but they also possess many special skills! Take down enemies, gather materials to craft new weapons and armour to update your Katana. If you love the ninja game series, Ninja Dash is a brilliant choice that you don't want to miss!


Give It Up! 2- Rhythm Jump

The sequel of the cute Give It Up! musical jumper game, this multi-level app features new music, challenges and blobs. Fun and challenging simultaneously – tap to the beat and don't miss any tiles. Using critical thinking skills, you have to feel the beat and rhythm of the music while jumping with the right timing from colour tiles to beat each level. 

 Bounce and hop along to the rhythm as you overcome the challenges in this gem among indie games. Jump on the tiles to win! Feel the beat and tap in time, or the beat will beat you!


Mini Motor Racing 

Little cars, BIG fun. Start your engines! The most vibrant, super-charged racing game you've ever seen is here! And now it's better than ever with the massive Anniversary Update! Mini Motor Racing plays like a remote-controlled car showdown, combined with modern tech to nitro-boost your engines. Race in campaign competitions for big rewards! Upgrade your skills and cars to win more. It's all here in Mini Motor Racing.