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When is the best time for a kids first tablet

When is the best time for a kids first tablet

My child has started school. Is it time for a tablet of their own?


Is now the time for your child to have a tablet of their own?
This September, thousands of children across the UK have taken their first steps into primary education. It’s their introduction into a whole new world, and for some, school may offer a first taste of using tablet devices for both learning and play.

We know from experience that, as parents, this is a time when you may begin to wonder if it’s time to purchase a tablet for use at home. But we also know that there is still some debate as to the value of introducing tablets to young children.

When looking at this subject, we think it comes down to one critical question: why are you looking to introduce your child to a tablet? Let’s look at some of the most common reasons for why now might be the ideal time to get a new tablet for your family.

When is the first time for a kids first tablet Pebble Gear UK Kids Tablet Disney

1: Tablets help children to prepare for the future


Schools not only provide quality education for youngsters – in doing so, they also help them prepare for the future, and what comes after they move on from the UK’s educational institutions and into the world of work.


As technology evolves, so too do the ways in which we use it. Jobs and opportunities that might not have been possible – or even imaginable – even a decade ago are now commonplace. Who knows what tomorrow might hold?


Research suggests that 71% of primary schools are now using tablets in the classroom and the benefits of technology on children in education have been well documented. (https://www.besa.org.uk/news/besa-press-release-tablet-adoption-continues-rise-barriers-adoption-shift/)


A study from the National Literacy Trust and Pearson suggested that touchscreen computers are particularly useful in helping boys and poorer pupils learn to read.



It’s clear that the role of technology in education is ever-growing. Supporting your child to have some hands-on experience with tablets can be a great way to prepare them for a world that is increasingly dependent on technology. 


2: Tablets can increase independence among children


It’s difficult for parents to fully prepare children for the new level of independence introduced when they start primary school. Children have a greater expectation to carry out tasks independently, and this can be scary!

Introducing children to apps that they can use alone on a device can be a subtle way to boost your child’s confidence in their own decision making. Apps offer a safe place to experiment, learn and explore problem-solving. 


3: Technology provides up-to-date teaching


We live in a world where there is an ever-changing landscape of medical, sociological, and cultural advancement. While there will always be a benefit to educational tools such as physical books, many editions contain dated information that is no longer accurate.

Educational apps and eBooks are updated constantly to ensure that they have the most current information and learnings, helping to avoid inaccuracies in learning resources. 


When is the best time for a kids first tablet Pebble Gear UK Kids Tablet Disney

4: Tablets make learning fun 


Showing young children that learning can be fun from an early age can help establish healthy learning behaviours. Tablets can make learning and homework more engaging and also provide an incentive that encourages children to learn independently.

Educational content is often gamified, providing an immediate sense of achievement and, in turn, motivating children to participate in further learning. The Tablets for School researchers discovered that “87% of students found learning easier due to their tablet, 72% believed their standard of work had improved, and 69% expressed a significant increase in motivation.”




Whilst the above reasons are substantial factors to consider when looking at the educational value of a tablet, it’s important to remember that every child is unique. Children all develop at different rates and have varying needs, experiences, and lifestyles.


Tablet ownership can be a great way to introduce your child to technology. Still, it’s essential to set clear boundaries as young children might not have developed the ability to self-regulate their use of devices.


Our Pebble Gear tablet includes parental control features that help you tailor screen time and limit access to restricted content. So, if you’ve decided that the time is now for a tablet, it’s worth exploring tablets that support safe device usage to ensure that your child’s first steps into tech are a positive experience.