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Tablets and Travel

Tablets and Travel

Tablets and Travel


Now that lockdown restrictions have fully lifted, many of us are making plans to travel again. But, for families with children, travel isn’t always stress-free! Hours of waiting for planes, delayed trains and motorway traffic jams can result in plenty of boredom and frustration.


A tablet can be a brilliant boredom-buster for children. In this post we’ll share some valuable tips for travelling with a device and why they’re a worthwhile travel companion.


Essential travel tips for taking a tablet on a trip


  1. If you’re catching a plane, always store your tablet in your carry-on bag. Most airlines do not allow tablets in checked-in luggage because of their batteries. You could consider a tablet-specific bag for your little one: our range of neoprene carry bags are ideal thanks to their easy wash material and multiple pockets for storage.
  2. To save time at airport security, take your tablet out of your bag and place it in a separate bin; this will likely speed up the process and reduce your stress levels!
  3. Don’t forget your charger! Picking up a replacement charger at airports or train stations can be costly. Triple-check yours is safely packed before you leave home.
  4. If you’re travelling abroad, don’t forget to update your tablet’s date and time once you land. This will help avoid any confusion for your little ones and ensure you can still manage screen time efficiently. 
  5. Get yourself a sturdy screen protector! Sure, tablets can survive a surprising number of drops and tumbles, but eventually, it’ll take a hit too far, and the screen can break. Fixing a broken screen is costly, and in some cases, not possible. So, ensure your tablet screen stays safe with some proper protection such as a Pebble Gear screen buddy. 


Why take a tablet with you?
There’s tons of great reasons why a tablet makes an ideal travel companion for your family. Here’s a few of our favourites.

  1. Most tablets feature a camera. Holidays are often the best way to make new memories, and what better way to introduce children to using a camera than encouraging them to capture and revisit those memories with a tablet?
  2. Many children love a good book, and if you’re likely to spend hours stuck in a plane or on the road with a shortage of entertainment options, a tablet can easily fill that gap. Your tablet is an extensive indispensable library, filled with all of your children’s favourite books: make the most of it.
  3. Apps and games can be a great resource in helping children interact with others and make friends on holiday, helping them get the most out of their break.
  4. Apps can also be great for family bonding time. Children are generally more open to learning when the process is fun and the environment is relaxed. Holidays can present the perfect opportunity for laid back learning.
  5. A holiday should be for everyone… including you, the parent or guardian! Tablets empower children to learn and play independently, giving you some much needed time to rest and recharge. 


We hope you found our hints and tips helpful – if you have any other tablet travel tips to share for other families out there, please leave them in the comments!