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Our Top Picks Educational Apps

Our Top Picks Educational Apps

Education Apps: Our Top Picks


Your Pebble Gear tablet is packed with the latest and greatest educational apps for children. But, with so much choice, where to begin? We’ve handpicked our favourites to get you started and make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing variety of educational apps out there for you to enjoy.


Giving Tales

Giving Tales Pebble Gear EU Kids Tablet Disney

Giving Tales is a fantastic way to introduce your children to a huge range of classic stories, narrated by some very famous voices. Enjoy engaging and entertaining Hans Christian Andersen tales including The Snow Queen, read by Joanna Lumley, and The Ugly Duckling, read by Stephen Fry. Beautifully illustrated, these tales can help a child’s imagination run wild!


Kids Telling Time

Kids Telling Time Pebble Gear EU Kids Tablet Disney

Learning to tell the time takes, well, time. Often, it can be a child’s first experience of understanding sequencing. Kids Telling Time will help your children practise both setting and telling time on digital and analogue clocks, using story-telling and a furry friend called Ticky The Mouse. Travelling through the four rooms of a house filled with clocks, children work together with Ticky to collect cheese and eat it by setting and telling the correct times.


Kids Learn To Sort

Kids Learn To Sort Pebble Gear EU Kids Tablet Disney

Created by Intellijoy, a leading developer of preschool curriculum apps, Kids Learn to Sort helps introduce children to preschool fundamentals. In the company of Sorty the Cute Monster, children will learn to sort by shape, size, colour independently, numerical count, spatial direction, occupation, household area, clothing type and animal habitat. With a clean and intuitive design, this is an app geared towards independent play.


Kindergarten Maths

Kindergarten Maths Pebble Gear EU Kids Tablet Disney

Hands up if you believe learning works better when it’s fun? Us too! In Kindergarten Maths, join Hamster and his trusty forklift as he uses numerical ordering, essential addition and subtraction to deliver packages worldwide! Specific learning targets include counting to 20 and adding/subtracting small numbers. Kids will direct Hamster’s forklift to a numbered destination, dial phone numbers, count out items to be delivered, load the delivery truck using numerical ordering, and more! It’s a great way for youngsters to develop their numeracy.


Professions Dressing Game

Professional Dressing Game Pebble Gear EU Kids Tablet Disney

Imagination is a big part of learning and children’s development, and with the Professions Dressing Game, they can do just that. Whether your child dreams of becoming a doctor, footballer or rocket scientist, this app combines their passion with fashion! Discover a new professional character who needs help matching the correct uniform for their job. screen. This app is a great way to develop motor skills and also introduce children to the concepts of various professions and how they fit into the wider world.  


Kids Learn About Music

Kids Learn About Music Pebble Gear EU Kids Tablet Disney
Is your child a mini-Mozart in the making? Look no further than the Kids Learn About Music app. A gateway into the world of audio, this fun app highlights the basics of the keyboard, music notes, instruments, styles, and more! Each activity offers options to learn and play. Kids are motivated to continue playing as they earn rewards and are introduced to a diverse range of genres, instruments, notes and songs to help them build their dexterity and hand-eye coordination.


There are over 500 apps available for you to enjoy on your Pebble Gear tablet. We hope you enjoy our selections – but we’d also love to know what you and your own children have been having fun with. Got a learning app to recommend? Share it with other families in the comments below!